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Enrico Imre Marosfalvi

Since his early childhood started to play violin, intuitivly,
than made his studies in the Bela Bartok secondary music school,
and diplomed in 1978 in the Francz Liszt Music Art Highschool.
Since 1987 he was a first violinist in the Orchestra of the National Radio.

Mids official presentations, he is searching for unique interfaces between the smooth sound of his violin and other forms of arts expressions, such as fine arts, poetry and movement, resulting in a loving expression of beauty and harmony of sounds, forms and colours of the soul.

Who is Enrico?

Enrico is an open harted channel for healing through the auric field of people who seeks its personal and health improvement.

In individual sessions, he gets in tune with, and feels the soul of the fellow man, and will convey him a special message through the sutile vibrations of his violin. During the session, the channeled music is recorded, and you will take it with you in order to use it as a treatment for the coming period.

The music is tailored according to your present state of mind, gives you balance and serves as an energetic attunement. You will feel the difference immediately as it touches your emotional body. You may feel emotional release, peace and harmony. As you listen to it during the next month period, it will continue with the gradual attunement, promoting corrections of the subtile energy fields of your body. Your dream life may get more intense, if you decide to work on your hidden emotions, insights may be encouraged and your mindset may get more settled.

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