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Moment Music

Moment Music

General approach:
Enrico Marosfalvi calls the classical style improvization "Moment Music", where the musician is the composer-on-sight, presents whatever is coming through his hart, hands and musical instrument. It is combining professional experience and a subjectiv state of mind, in a highly attuned concentration to the whole universe. It is expressing the immediate effect of thoughts, feelings and emotionsin the time and space anchored to the moment, to the subject selected.

The subject of the improvization may be from the fine arts, from poetry, dance, orchestration, but also any idea of higher hierarchy, like freedom, love, grace or praise to God, just to mention a few.

The expression "Moment Music" means: enjoy the treasure to be present in the very moment you live, for the whole life is not more, than the sum of the passing-ba moments.

May be your life a constant criation, in the eternal becoming your real self.

Personal confession:
Personal confession: "In me, music never stops. Whatever is the object of an improvisation, the music comes out unique each time I endavour, for all music is a flow. It comes through me, forming itself specially at that very moment for the public, to which it is addressed, therefor it may be healing to individuals as well as in special occasions to families or communities."

How do you get there?
"To be sincere is essencial. Watch the inner voice, and let you be carried on the instrument, never let your ego interfere the inner process. You may play alone, or interact with an artist, or may give your monologue, or thing aloud throught the sounds. Or you can change musical sounds with other instrumentalists, just as if you were having a conversation through a refined and colorful vibration."



Marosfalvi Imre Enrico:


Creation is possible the highest human manifestation in life.
Though modestly, and with the consensus of his Creator, man may do his quality walk through life in the earthy dimensions, if he wants to.
The possibility is open to all, but is depending on one's stage and present life purposes, whether this gift is received or if it is recognised at all!
When some lives upon this miracle, may be an instrument for spiritual growth, per si, and a powerful helper for the fellow man.

Improvization is an exciting opportunity, a special situation in an attunement attitude, so that the present time be lived upon its treseaures, in whichever field of art be it. This needs "selflessness", non-ego state of mind, for it is the higher plane that gives the movement to the body.

Once you learned to be in attunement, the continuous state of creation may be extended into the smallest details of daily life. From here is only one more jump to feel the atonement with the Creator.

In all the brother arts there is a common point, from where they all begin, though they may differe in instruments and expression, which is the richness of the world of thoughts and feelings.

Through the times many unnatural and unnecessary sediments sat heavily on the arts, separating thus creators, presentators and the listeners, the public. Why have they got seggregated from each other? Once all people were givers (creators), and receivers (spectactors) in one. Restaure it is almost impossible, but it is time to get back our memories of our great possibility: live your in the present, and live up to your criativity. It is possible, wherever you be.

Improvization in music: in classics, it was a common way of expression, but concertists learned to play and repeat life-long the musics, other composers made, to an unknown mecenas, a client, who had its world of feelings, and the late musician become a professional of representing technically well, mainly partituras. And they started to imitate certain great concertists style, so it went to a certain modism. The listeners become also more passives, enjoying sound-pictures, while thinking on life or knowledge issues. Therefor most people listen but can not hear or live the life of it

Improvization could be: either thematic, or generally created for emotional contents.

Conditions to improvization:  -     biztonságos szakmai, technikai tudás

  1. Certain talent to it
  2. Openness and inter disciplinare cultural background
  3. Life experience, or a highly emphatetic caracter
  4. Ph.Q, I.Q., E.Q., S.Q. - correlation, and capabiblity to use it
  5. Be a practicing musician, state of awareness on stage

Improvization and fellow arts: all the arts influence each other, since ever. The interactivity is essencial. Be open for observation, give yourself fully and consider you just equal to the fellow artist, not more, respectfullyness is the basis of all work in common.

Improvization shows: can be performed with two artists, or with three or four, creating together activly. We need to decide, which of them will give the main streem of the inspiration, and the others will contribute with their pieces embedded, as cool treasures in a jewell, dropping them in the togetherness, so that the main streem will accomodate it smoothly, just as raindrops on the waterface

In this shows, the public is not a passive receiver of the art, there are no fishing for effects, but public is also a sensible fellow creator. A real interactive play is happening, whenever public gives their spontaneous emotions, winning barriers of the roles of formal arts presentation, so all can rejoyce in universal harmony.


Improvization on theatre stage: We ask people from the audience to tell us an interesting story from their life, be that tragic, practical or humorous one, they would like to share. A small group of artists will put it on scene and the musicians give it a frame of interpretation through their colouring. This improvisation may induce a strong catharsys, even if it would take no more than 15 minutes, each story. All is done with no planning of sceneries, background, costumes or makeup, using only alusions to such, so people may concentrate more on the emotional content, enriching the told experience with new aspects of perception. It becomes a revival of the happening, anchored to the here and now, and no matter it was a hard or a funny event, it will fill all with happyness and joy.


Vernissage with musical improvization: All vernissage may be opened and coloured with musical improvization. Also, we may perform an improvization concert in the art hall, combined with a planned, joyous interactiv entertainment, like "which painting we are interpreting now"?or "who has understood that painting in this way?", "help me to improvise" etc, and give prices.
Or, an other spectator may choose one of the musicians, who will than be formally the coordinator of the improvization, and other modules of entertainments, which can be used also in special family occasions.



The list of styles and genres
performed by Imre Enrico Marosfalvi (violin)

Classics of renaissaince, barokk, romantics and masters of the XX. century

Tailored on the spot for special events, festivities, theatral, visual and dance presentations

Light Classics
Walse, tango, jazz, film tracks and musicals

Hungarian music
Folk songs, verbunkos, dances and alike compositions

Exotic music
Irish and scotish songs and dances, occasion made meditation