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Imre Enrico Marosfalvi's



  • Solo programmes:
    1. On opening ceremonies of fine art exhibitions (See in CD offers => On the Way)  Time: 5-10 minutes
    2. Classical music concerts with piano accompaniment (See in CD offers=> Please Accept it with Love) Time: 15 minutes
    3. 'The Harmony of the Universe' - the audience can enjoy a musical film in which the spectators can see a 'philosophical' journey on the border of imagination and reality with the help of 130 astronomic pictures. The projection includes recorded improvisations with 12 different musical instruments and for this musical base I play live improvisations on my electric violin on the spot. (See in CD / DVD offers)
    4. This is a performance with one person that can be organized in Budapest Planetarium (370 seats) or in cinemas, institutes or schools. Only a projector and a screen are needed. Time: 45 minutes
    5. 'Hungarian folk songs' - a performance on the violin (See in CD offers)      Time: 15 minutes  
    6. Popular Hungarian songs - a performance on the violin (See in CD offers) Time: 60 minutes


    1. Offers for schools: 'Musical Literature Lesson' for teenagers

    The great poets of Hungarian literature (Petőfi, Arany, Vörösmarty, Ady, Kosztolányi, Babits, József A.) Time: 45 minutes
    The violin improvisations are together with famous poems told by an actor or an actress.

    1. Offers for community centres: 'Splendour' - a performance with love poems (actor) and musical improvisations (Enrico). Recommendable for Valentine's Day or for other occasions as a special programme. Time: 45 minutes


    Unique programmes:

    1. Incidental programmes arranged for family occasions (birthday, wedding anniversary, Christmas) or for institutional occasions, celebrations.


    1. Esoteria and art in the spirit of health
      1. Meditative improvisations - for the sake of the therapic effect of music
      2. for Om-mantra and Tibet gong (See in CD offers) Time: 2 times 30 minutes on the violin with CD accompaniment
      3. 'Light Meditations' (with Ágnes Kálazi's textual leading) (See in CD offers) Time: 3 times 30 minutes
      4. The Joy of Existence' (See in CD offers) Time: 35 minutes on the violin with CD accompaniment
      5. Healing musical improvisations - personal treatments with Tibet  'singing pots' and a violin. It is a live performance for the patient's aura's improvement.
        Time: 20 minutes
      6. Music for belly dance (See in CD offers)


    Musical instruments:

    I perform the composed works on my traditional or electric violins. Improvisations are performed on my traditional or electric violin, too, but I use a synthesizer or percussion instruments as well, depending on the character of the programmes.

    How to order CDs and DVDs:

    Via e-mail:


    CDs and DVDs are available before and after the performances.