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References, opinions:
From opening ceremonies of exhibitions:

'Congratulations on this beautiful, really artistic difficult genre. This is a wonderful meeting of inspiration and improvisation. Thank you for the enjoyable evening.'
Mrs András Frachl (visitor)

'When a poem sounds in a violin, when a violin sounds in a human heart, it means the return of the long-time forgotten harmony.
Thank you, Imre Marosfalvi.'
Imre Kaszás (actor)

'Thank you ever so much for the beautiful musical impressions and artistic developments. I hope we will meet many more times to build a kind of fruitful future.'
Csongor Bihari (painter)

'I have been the exhibiting artist on this celebration and I have enjoyed so much Imre Marosfalvi's performance, which has been inspired by my works. He could feel  the atmosphere of my pictures very well. He is one of our Hungarians I am proud of.'
Klára Szilárd (painter)

'Dear Mr Marosfalvi,
I have listened to the musical performance inspired by my pictures with great joy, the three versions which reflected your virtuosity and during listening to your music, new pictures appeared inside me. Thank you for this experience and the joy that my pictures have inspired you for such wonderful music. I hope we will meet again in the future and we will greet each other with friendship.
Yours faithfully,
József Szlapák (painter)

'For the joy of meeting of music and painting, with thanks and true esteem for Imre Marosfalvi.'
Zsigmond H. Serényi (painter)

'I thank Imre Marosfalvi for the proper opening of the exhibition, with friendship,'
György Szemadam (painter)

'During your performance I was shivering, although I wasn't cold!'
László Kubanek (painter from Transylvania)
'Imre, the artist, the master of violins, has attracted our attention on Wanda Sz's masterpieces' hidden beauties, which can be found in her books and paper artistic world. Thank you on the Day of the Hungarian Culture, on behalf of the City Community Centre.'
Ágnes C. Szalai

'Dear Imre,
Thank you for creating art together! Your improvisation is miracle that has left pleasant memories in all of us with the power of lasting creation.'
András Csavlek (fine artist)

'Thank you for the wonderful and enjoyable improvisation, with lots of love,'
Ágnes Kulcsár (painter)

From poetic evenings:


'The musical performance has given fantastic experience for many enthusiastic amateurs.'
Irén Várkonyi, Mrs Oliver Fűzy, Viktor Jász (guests)

'It was marvellous!'
Gabi Németh (poet)


'Thank you for this wonderful experience that has been given to me, the performance has impressed on me very much.'
Eszter Vörös (guest)


'I liked this style very much. I have never listened to classical improvisations so far, and the third piece was fascinating.'
Zoltán Oberfrank (guest)

'It has meant a spiritual refreshment for me!'
Dénes Takács (guest)

'Bartók's violin concert No 1 has taken me close to the joy of classical music. It has lifted me again and has taken me with itself to the inexpressible remoteness with the help of the solo violin.'
Ferenc Nemes (guest)

'Imre! Congratulations with lots of love. You play on the violin beautifully! I wish you much success in the future!'
Gyöngyi Papp (guest)


'Dear Friend! You are a beautiful being! You have given me so much love with your music. You made all the people change in the night you played, they would feel your beauty!
Continue your work it is your own dream and we will be together in the stars.'
Clarisse Meschoulam (Mexican poet)

References from esoteric occasions:

'Thank you for the patience that has been produced in me by your improvisation.'
Mrs Zoltán Nagy (participant)

'Thank you for the wonderful experience your music has given to me.
Ferenc Fogl (participant)

'I have taken part in a fantastic experience. For the first time in my life I have listened to music not through my ears, but I have felt the flow from my palm to my heart.'
Victori Jánm (participant from Göteborg)